Welcome to my journey as a designer of home decor and teacher of creativity!

I teach chalk paint and sip workshops currently from our Belgian farmhouse using beautiful handmade home decor items as one-of-a-kind class projects! No experience necessary! If you think you are not creative enough to take a painting class, I promise you will surprise yourself and that you will walk away with a stunning new piece for your home! My classes are educational but are also a great way to make new friends and flex your creativity! Most of our classes do not repeat so each project is fresh and unique! Some of our favorite classes use items we personally design and handcraft from salvaged wood!

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Handmade Decor

100% Handmade

We offer classes and custom orders using 100% handmade products. From finding the wood to designing, cutting, sanding and assembling, everything we make is carefully created 100% by hand. 

Rustic Designs

We love anything rustic and therefor create unique home decor items using salvaged wood and our own designs. The older the wood and the more imperfections the better!


Each item we create is one-of-a-kind and no piece looks the same!


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